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Links to Internet Sites which will help explain why we use no Mercury-Amalgam in our Practice



Dr Oz On Mercury Fillings – Dr. Oz did a an expose’ on the topic, but in my opinion, it doesn’t go far enough. International Ban on Mercury Fillings - Mercury treaty requires countries to phase down dental amalgam!



My letter to Dr. Shuren following my testimony for the third time before the FDA You Put What in my Mouth? The trailer from a forthcoming documentary about Mercury Fillings.
N.Y.U. Dental School, the first in the nation to curtail the use of mercury fillings A Well-written explanation of why the Children’s Mercury Study, which the ADA uses to “prove the safety of mercury fillings” is faulty.
Letter I sent to the Director of the FDA demanding his action on promises he made following our testimony before the FDA Committee on The Safety of Mercury in Dental Fillings FDA Allows Deadline to Pass without Any Action on Their Part



A dental assistant who is collecting disability and barely getting by My four minute speech - My additional three minutes later in the session
The woman from DAMS who screens calls daily from mercury poisoned individuals A housewife and mother of six whose husband’s life is finally coming back towards normalcy after eight years of medical complications which were finally traced to mercury poisoning
Dr. Markus addresses the 2010 FDA - Panel investigating the toxicity of Mercury Fillings The FDA is forced by consumers, dentists and lobbyists to reopen the 2006 proceedings
Testimony During the Proceedings Be sure to search YouTube for “Mercury Fillings” which will also reveal a wealth of information.
Would you like to understand the science behind what mercury fillings do to the body?  



FDA To Re-Address Mercury in Dental Fillings 2010 FDA Speech

2010 - Philadelphia Demands Informed Consent for the placement of Mercury Fillings
Read my response
Read the letter that all patients must sign

2010 - All the information you'll ever need about mercury fillings that you don't find here are at

2010 - Learn more about our mercury free/safe practice

2010 - What is a mercury-safe practice?

The Mercury Toxicity Issue of our Newsletter

Interview with Peter Ward Chief Executive of the British Dental Association aired on the "Tonight Program" in the UK. View Here

Learn how many of the symptoms of chronic fatigue, memory loss, and muscle weakness could be related to mercury in your system.
Learn how osteosarcoma in male adolescents might be related to fluoride.

Check out our blog for some of the very latest information.  Updated as News Breaks

-->Kiddie Kollege in Franklinville built on site of former thermometer factory.
If your children or you have been exposed

Over 2000 flood FDA with reports of illness from mercury dental fillings

Symptoms of Mercury Toxicity

Rep. Diane Watson backs the abolition of mercury

Do Flu Shots Work? Let's Ask the Manufacturer

Dr. Markus reports from the FDA meeting in Washington DC on Sept 6th and 7th 2006 about neurotoxicity from the mercury in dental fillings.

read the text of Dr. Markus' address to the FDA

Dr. Segal's testimony before the US House of Reps should give us pause.  We dentists should pause, knowing a mother's mercury fillings does indeed raise the mercury level in the fetus.  Could the mother's fillings play a part?

Are your teeth toxic - Chicago Trib article 12/11/05

Amalgam Fillings: Do Dental Patients Have a Right to Informed Consent

Article about one of the speakers before the FDA
and That speaker's website

IAOMT: The Scientific Case Against Amalgam

New Research showing links with autoimmune diseases.

Autism Declines As Vaccines Remove Mercury

Mercury Amalgam Safety - The science which refutes the ADA postition.

Recently, the Journal of the New Jersey Dental Association reported that they had proof that amalgam is safe. See my response.

Mercury / Amalgam FAQ's Mercury / Amalgam FAQ's

Discover Magazine, 3/05

Bioprobe - links for people with Multiple Sclerosis and link between heart disease and mercury.

Health Alert, 3/05 - When the Cure Is Worse than the Disease

U. of NH researcher dies of mercury exposure

MSNBC - A coverup for a cause of Autism? - RFK Jr. explans how ingredient in vaccines may have contributed to spread

The CDC - much like the ADA may have its head in the sand about thimerosal - Links between vaccination of children, and autism

Medscape - Is routine Hepatitis B vaccination of children necessary?

ADA Statement - statement used by the ADA to separate itself from a lawsuit for adverse reactions against a dentist and the manufacturer

The Saga of Pediatric Hepatitis B Vaccination - Is routine Hepatitis B vaccination of children necessary?


Meniere's Disease is tied to mercury fillings

Mercury Protest at ADA Phila - 2005 - Attempts to educate all the dentists in the US. Dr. Markus was there on October 8, 2005 at the ADA Meeting in Philly

Rolling Stone Autism Article - Thimerisol, a preservative in vaccines, coupled with mercury in the mother’s system from fillings has been implicated in autism. Here is an article from RFK Jr. which originally appeared in Rolling Stone Magazine - A wealth of information from the organization trying to change the laws in the US

Amalgam and Dental Shame - Another study refutes governmental claims of mercury safety. - A physician in Charlotte, NC who treats chronic illness and mercury toxicity

Chelation of Mercury for the Treatment of Autism - About the chelation process (binding mercury and eliminating it from the body).

How mercury vapor effects the brain - Research from U. Calgary

How Mercury causes Brain Neuron Degeneration

The Beginning of the End of Mercury Fillings?

Read what Dr. Markus wrote in response to questions posed to him by the FDA.

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