No Prep & Minimal Prep Veneers in Haddon Heights, NJ

While the idea of a cosmetic smile design without the need for drills or needles would sound like a great idea to most patients, the truth is, as you probably are aware “if it sounds too good to be true, it's probably not true.”

Most educated dentists understand that there are very few applications in which this prep-less, drill-less process would work. However, many cosmetically untrained dentists are led to believe, by certain labs and manufacturers that they can be a cosmetic dentist, overnight. The reality is that no prep and minimal prep veneers should only be undertaken by an accredited cosmetic dentist.

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The picture above is of a patient whose teeth received no prep veneers from a dentist who had minimal training. It’s my opinion that the dentist did not realize how much reduction was necessary. He also didn’t recognize that the occlusion (the way teeth come together) was insufficient. Because of these issues, the lower teeth could not be treated successfully. This patient eventually had to go to cosmetic dentist with more extensive training, so her bite could be modified with the veneers on and her teeth would close together once more.

Lumineers vs. Empress Porcelain Veneers

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Notice how poorly the Lumineers, which were placed by a general dentist, look and fit compared with our traditional method of using Empress all-ceramic veneers who did not realize that more reduction was look and fit compared with our traditional method of utilizing Empress crowns. Can you see how wide and thick they look? Without preparing veneers properly, the fit on the sides of the teeth can't be tucked into the spaces between the teeth. Note how unnatural the Lumineers look. That's because they're so thin, you can't accomplish much in terms of hiding the underlying color of the teeth unless you put a whole lot of opaque on them, or make them really thick.

I use the Empress veneers because you can change shape and position when you prepare the teeth in appropriate manner.

Read this patient’s testimonial:

Dear Dr. Markus,

I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with my new smile. I had veneers placed on my upper teeth over seventeen years ago to cover gaps that could not be closed after extensive orthodontic treatment. Due to gum loss and visibly prominent eye teeth, I became increasingly unhappy and self-conscious with my teeth's appearance. After a consultation and thorough evaluation by you and your staff, I felt confident in my decision to proceed with your office. I was very impressed with your state-of-the-art facility, digital x-rays and computerized bite analysis. Additionally, you were very informative and helpful in selecting the appropriate shade, shape and contour of my veneers. I explained to you that while I was in no rush, I was constrained by my job and role as a mother of twin toddlers in the amount of visits in which the veneers could be replaced. True to your word, in just a few visits, you took an impression, placed temporaries, ordered the veneers and placed them.

Notably, while I was waiting for my permanent veneers to come in, I had a minor emergency and Dr. Scott treated me at 8:00 p.m. on Saturday night! I am extremely pleased with the final results and trust me, I am a very hard person to please!

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