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Dr. Markus:

Thanks so much for that information. I am course happy that the composite is BPA free, and knowing the name of the brand and manufacturer will be useful past dental history for my file.

FYI--you might find this interesting. I have noticed in the past few weeks, that my legs are feeling overall a bit stronger and steadier. I think this is due to the chelation treatments at Magaziner Center and also due to you removing a major source of mercury from my system (safely). I still have a long ways (sjm edit: she was diagnosed with MS) to go but it is encouraging to see an early positive sign of progress in the right direction. I appreciate your help in any case, and I hope some of the people I have talked to about getting their mercury fillings removed, will take my advice and seek you out for a safe removal and replacement before their health is adversely affected (at least the ones I know who live in or near southern NJ, as they can easily travel to you) by this dangerous practice of dentistry.

It still shocks me that there are plenty of dentists who defend this practice, and even still place amalgams in unsuspecting patients. I am so grateful that dentists like you exist, so that viable and safe alternatives are available for those of us who need a safe removal of our mercury fillings.

I hope you keep practicing your safe model of dentistry for many more years!

Feel free to use my comments on your mercury page on your web site or anywhere else you choose to place them.


* * *

Dear Dr. Markus,

I would like to thank you for giving me my quality of life back--after you removed the mercury fillings in my teeth, to be exact, eight fillings.

As you know I have Menieres, I saw several Doctors and they all told me there was no cure for it and they told me to lay down and rest when I had an attack. These attacks came quite often and some were severe.

I went to see Dr. Chung M.D. for acupuncture treatment, upon his first visit he told me to go have the mercury fillings removed.

Searching the Internet, I saw articles about the connections of mercury and Menieres.

Upon more research I found your office and after you removed the mercury from my teeth I have not had any attacks of symptoms of Menieres, not dizzy, vertigo, or ear pressure.

I now feel like a new person and can resume a normal life and even played golf 5 days in a row!

Thank you for your expert help on this mercury problem.

Dave Rowson

Sewell, New Jersey

* * *

May 1, 2007

Dear Dr. Markus,

Thank you for the prompt attention and expedient scheduling you afforded me with the emergent health issues that were festering and degrading my quality of my life due to heavy metal poisoning from mercury fillings.

In early December of 2006 I had been suffering from the classic symptoms of mercury poisoning: metallic taste in the mouth, excess salivation, tremors, headache, restlessness, insomnia, irritability, confusion, excitement and loss of concentration. In addition to these issues I was experiencing a current that traveled through my tongue.

These were very real experiences and no one would believe me when I told them. Instead I had been chastised as a hypochondriac for exaggerating these symptoms.

But a heavy metals test confirmed I had extremely high levels in my system, this was the first piece of evidence I had that demonstrated this was not all in my mind.

Then on December 12th, the day you removed the mercury from my teeth and fitted me for the temporary crowns, I witnessed and experienced the remarkable.

When you removed the crown off a mercury filled tooth you immediately noticed and pointed out to me how the underside of the filling was blackened from where the dissimilar metals were arching, or producing the current than ran through my tongue.

Later in the day as the anesthesia wore off I noticed that there was no longer a current in running through my tongue and that I was no longer producing the extreme amount of saliva that just drove me nuts. Then you surprised me with a follow up phone call inquiring how I was and I gave you the happy report.

Assisted with chelation therapy, as the days and weeks passed since you removed the mercury fillings from my mouth my condition improved and now the symptoms have all vanished.

Thank you so very much for believing me and then relieving me. My whole experience at your office was just great.

And if any of your patients are ever accused of “It’s just all in your head,” tell them that they’re right and that you’ll be more than happy to take it out.

God Bless You,

Thomas T. Farrell

* * *

Dr. Markus,

In 2001, I had a two week episode in which I suffered from at least ten MS-like symptoms: confusion, dizziness, tingling, burning, etc. The MRI report stated that I had MS or had had a stroke, but the neurologist assured me that I did not. I quickly forgot about the episode. However, a little over a year later, I had another episode. I went to another neurologist, who also advised me that I did not have MS.

In 2003, I became desperate because many of the symptoms were becoming constant companions. As I searched on the internet for help, I read about the effects mercury fillings could have on a person's health. Although the theory sounded plausible, I was still skeptical. However, by September of 2003, I finally became desperate enough to seek a dentist's office that would not demean me for requesting that my mercury fillings be replaced.

Dr. Markus, your office was so sympathetic and patient with a client who had a fear of going to the dentist. The symptoms disappeared within two months and I can truly say you have given me back the quality of life. There are not enough words to thank you or your staff.

Deborah Colomy

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One of our patients wrote this testimonial after our relieving his desperation.

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